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Swedish Massage Therapy: Relaxation is the Initial Reward

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are very popular forms of therapeutic massage. Swedish massage uses light-to-moderate stress and long, sweeping strokes to deliver soothing relaxation. Deep tissue massage, however, is an intense, demanding technique that releases chronic tension deep within t…

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An Introduction To Sports Activities Massage

Sports therapeutic massage, some times called sports therapeutic massage, manual therapy, or sports massagetherapy, is also an efficient technique used to restore mobility and reduce pain for injured athletes, even athletes in recovery from surgery, or even so the elderly. Manual treatment, that emp…

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Using Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an ancient form of massage technique which uses heated stones placed on the skin to help relieve pain and stimulate the body. The stones are often cold, depending on the person's needs. A hot stone massage uses a combination of cold and hot stones placed on specific pressure poi…

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Massage Therapy - Using a Circle For Healing

Lomilomi and indigenous Hawaiian massage originated with the ancient spiritual and religious practices of Polynesian ancestors. This unique healing technique combines acupressure, hula dancing, massage, and other bodywork practices. This holistic form of treatment blends several healing arts to achi…

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Shiatsu is a Japanese expression that could loosely be translated into"finger pressure" or"massaging." It's a kind of Swedish massage that emphasizes the manipulation of the acupoints located in the palms. It utilizes kneading, rubbing, stretching, tapping, and soothing techniques and is usually don…

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Medi Cal Advantages of Reflexology

Reflexology, also called delicate zone treatment, involves the application of soft stress to specified points in your feet and hands without even the use of lotion or oil. It uses only the pure power of touch to reduce discomfort and promote healing in these areas. Many decades before, this type of …

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